Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Design Challenge


           Based on the title of this post, chances are high that you think it's going to be another blog post that challenges challenges you to take your designing skills to the next level. Although I enjoy and truly appreciate those posts, I wanted to write about a different kind of design challenge that I hope will be of inspiration to you.

             The real design challenge is not having a perfect home that looks like a Pottery Barn catalog. It's about having a space that make you and whoever you happen to live with happy. What makes a happy space you may ask? To me a happy space is one filled with light, and color. Another word I can think of from the top of my head is clean. A space cannot fully  be appreciated if it's surrounded and filled with junk. 

            Ask yourself how you feel when you come home. When you open your front door, whether it be to your apartment located in a high-rise in New York City or your vacation home in the suburbs of Tennessee what do you feel like? I think this question is very important, and I hope you will take the time to honestly answer it so you can better understand how your home really makes you feel.

          The wonderful thing about this design challenge is the fact that you get to make the rules! If you are not a big fan of color, who cares? Run with your gut feeling and I promise you won't be disappointed. Hey, there is nothing is wrong with a little inspiration. I really enjoy visiting other blogs and looking at the work of my favorite designers. Inspiration is a wonderful thing that I think we can all appreciate. The real problem most people encounter as it pertains to the  design challenge I speak of if lack of understanding.

          For most of us, it's a busy world out there. There is so much to do and see. At times it can be overwhelming, but I encourage you to really get to know how your space makes you feel. understanding this will allow you to address larger issues that you didn't even know were related.
A beautiful home doesn't have to be filled with designer items, it just needs a little wisdom and love.

Take care.